Friday, 2 April 2010

Newlyn Charcoals goes on show at the Tolcarne Inn

Artist Nick Henshall's muse, Jeff Page features in may of the works that are now on show......
at the Tolcarne Inn in Newlyn........
the artist himself was present at a packed pub on Thursday night to mark the opening of his first personal exhibition in his home town of Newlyn.

The artist can be contacted via his web site.

Reminiscent of hull shape.

Head for Penlee Art gallery while you are in Penzance over the Easter period for their latest exhibition of Newlyn School art.......
the Harvest Reaper's hull shape may have provided inspiration for some local artists.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Rod and line bass fishery gets the go ahead.

Up in the North Sea the Dutchmen are celebrating MSC accrediation for their cherished rod and line bass fishery - something distinctly frowned upon by UK fishermen in some quarters who view the use of a rod with line as a form of heresy!

New moves to preserve Newlyn's heritage gather momentum.

The impetus on preserving the port's heritage gathers momentum, one initiative under consideration for the planned new fish market at Newlyn is to re-introduce 10 stone (or 60 litre in new money) kits for bulk caught fish like hake. Talks are also ongoing to give coachloads of tourists to the planned heritage centre a taste of the past and once again auction fish in stones and pounds on Mondays and Fridays. There are also plans to bring back donkeys (from a local sanctuary) to help move fish from the smaller boats landing down the quay - but initial talks with Cornwall Council's Environmental Health Department have stalled over the use of giant 'pooper scoopers'.

Keen to be seen to support the development of Newlyn's heritage, Billy Stevenson is expected to offer kits from the firm's stores and is also thought to have located some original wooden carts for use with the donkeys if needed.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The lugger Lyonesse, your chance to buy a piece of floating history.

The liveaboard owner of the lugger Lyonesse is selling up and moving ashore - so now is the chance to buy an historic Cornish lugger with a unique history that includes being shot out by our own boys in blue!

Luggers were the traditional fishing boat of choice in the south west - the lug rig makes for the most efficient and powerful means of sailing and happens to look the best when out on the water. many local boats sported the 'dipping' lug rig which involved dropping the fore lug and passing the sail around behind the foremast to catch the opposite tack.

She is currently moored in Cardigan.

A chance to see Billy's pictures in his own museum.

If you are visiting Newlyn this coming Easter weekend be sure to make some time to visit a gem of a private collection of fishing memorabilia. Housed in Newlyn's old Board School and, like many similar private museums, Billy Stevenson's collection offers a very personal and close view of the local fishing industry - many of the huge family photographic collection were taken by the man himself. The museum is open from 10am to 4pm this Saturday.

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Fish 'n Chips, Falmouth and oystermen in the news!

Falmouth makes the headlines again with news that Rick Stein's latest eatery, a Fish and Chips shop has opened in Falmouth - early reports give a thumbs up to crispy batter for a reasonable price.

Local oyster fishermen, all of whom use sail under local by-laws, are complaining that the council have issued too many licences and the fishery is in danger of being swamped by part timers.

Falmouth oyster boats with platinum sails and diamonds go for $500,000 at auction!

One boat on the market - and she's Irish.

A huge trip of high quality from Irish seiner Roise Catriona that included these cod, hake, haddock and.......
these glistening whiting.......
iced tubs of boxed fish from Scilly.......
Flalouth based scalloper Golden Promise makes an overnight stop at Newlyn on her way back from the Welsh scallop fishery......
another wooly jumper.....
the boys renew the dollies aboard the Exeter registered beamer Margaret of Ladram......
one of a dozen boats to enter the gaps in a short space of time as gales sweep the Western Approaches..........
including the St Ives registered Crystal Sea III.....
even the Bay has been turned the colour of the muddy streams that flow in from Wherry Town and the Coombe river.

Monday, 29 March 2010

A pint and a picture or two in the Tolcarne - don't miss it!

Later this week, the Tolcarne Inn, renowned for its good humored Gaelic hostess, live music, fine food and beer will play host to a series of charcoal artworks from local artist, Nick Henshall. The exhibition captures in graphic detail the everyday lives of those who make a living from fish.

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• We currently have 1292 items listed in our archive catalogue. The recent very successful exhibition Fishing in Newlyn led to an increase in items in this category. There is a file dedicated to fishing boats and a general file about fishing, containing 379 items. We have started a database with the names and numbers of Newlyn Fishing Boats and are adding information about owners and skippers and stories associated with the boats.
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Newlyn at War, Thursday June 24 2010 10am – 6pm

We are planning our next open day at Trinity Centre for the middle of the Golowan Festival Week. The date has been chosen because June-July 2010 is the seventieth anniversary of the Free French movement, when French people fled to England, many by boat to Newlyn. You may have seen the reports in the Cornishman on 25/2/2010 and 11/3/2010. There was a lovely photo of the Maria Stella, which brought the Free French to Newlyn in 1940. Another boat, the Corbeau des Mers played a similar role and she is still sailed by the Breton Museum of the Resistance. We have some stories about the fishing boats and their crews during the war, can you add to these stories?

To mark this seventieth anniversary, a number of boats will set sail from the French side of the channel arriving at Newlyn between June 22 and July 20, 2010 to commemorate the anniversary.

Breton and Belgian families stayed in many Newlyn homes for the duration of the war, and many friendships were formed that continue today. The war is still very much alive in the folk memories of Newlyn people so that the open day at the archive provides an opportunity for everyone to share their stories and memorabilia as well as for the archive to expand its resources in this very important area of Newlyn history.

It is up to us to see what we can do on this side of the water to celebrate the anniversary. So far, events have been planned in Penzance but nothing in Newlyn. Please help us rectify this, as the arrival of the Free French is an important event in Newlyn’s history
We are inviting Friends to participate in the open day at this very early planning stage, so that it is the best archive event yet.

Have you any suggestions about films, photographic displays, competitions and activities that we could plan for the Day?

Do you have any photographs, letters, newspapers, stories or anything to do with Newlyn at War?

We are interested in domestic life during the war as well as the heroic activities of our fishermen, sailors, soldiers, airmen and homeguard. The exhibition is stimulated by the arrival of the Free French in WW2 but it will also celebrate all aspects of war and all the wars that have affected Newlyn and its people.

Do get in touch and let us have your ideas.
Pam Lomax, for the Newlyn Archive Steering Group, March 26, 2010

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