Saturday, 14 July 2007

Twinkle, twinkle.....

With neighbouring Penzance tipped as the country's next property hotspot it's not surprising to see a number of new builds in Newlyn..... especially with the view these will have across Mounts Bay!
Never mind a girl in every port, seems there's a box from every port!
Well known auctioneer, merchant, rugby commentator gets public birthday treatment over Jewell's Fish and Chip Shop.
Twinkle gets down to some gear repairs on the Two Boys.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Full-on Cornish sunshine today - not!

The Bryan D's time is nearly up as the jackhammer breaks up the concrete ballast in the forefoot section.
This dentist's drill would make even the hardest bosun flinch methinks!
Clive and Mav ponder the jackhammer at work.......
Just checking!
Meanwhile, work continues to get the James R H back to sea. Pen Glas, one of three crabbers waiting to land to the back of the Jersey vivier lorry.....

brown crab on the way the bongo's hit the back of the wagon in safe hands.....
....needed too as here comes the quality!
not to be missed!
tiz damp today!
The guys from the Albatross from Sligo enjoy plenty of fresh Cornish sunshine
as can be seen from the spots on the lens!still, the overcast sky brings out the best in the colours!

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

It's a blue day

Not too sure what Robin Turner, fish merchant, auctioneer, rugby commentator is telling this group on a guided tour of the harbour; whatever it is, the proportions look humungus!
The harbour's resident shag (or is it cormorant?) hangs his wings out to dry on the slip.
Landing crabs in 'bongos' from the crabber Cresca.
Padstein registered MY Valerie May has a few days off in Newlyn.
Filadelfia makes her way in through the gaps.....and mate Perry gives the thumbs up, expect him to be under the 'umbrella' outside the Star Inn later!
The Mermaid from Penzance takes in a trip round the harbour before setting off for a run down the Bay towards Mousehole.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Bit of bass about!

Robin Turner teases every last penny from the buyers for the mornings fish on a (relatively) busy Monday morning market.Expected to make around £12 per kilo, here are some of Cornwall's finest line caught bass from Tag 7.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Sunday morning's sparkling sea

Don't miss Simeon Stafford at Badcock's gallery before you head round to check out the Orion extension.
With the first real break in the weather this weekend visitors can get on with exploring what Cornwall has to offer them.
Newlyn's IRB has a regular wash down.
Master net maker Fred makes his way to the 'office', the net sheds under the Smugglers Hotel and Restaurant.
Lionel on his Sunday morning rounds.
Mullet angler enjoys the peace and tranquility on the pontoons.
A classic sailboat visitor.
Nick Henshall takes his newly rigged work boat out for a spin. Wasting no time the gaff rig is up in the gaps!......and away round to Mousehole in a sparkling sea - a beautiful site she makes too!