Wednesday, 23 August 2006

Old & new, new old!

The Cornishman gets a new set of wheels in time for the Fish Festival this weekend.
A beautiful sight after the heavy showers earlier, and a historic moment as the St Ives lugger, Barnabas sets sail for the first time since her refit.A happy looking crew ease the Barnabas towards the dock gates in Penzance.

Time to overhaul the scallop dredges aboard the King Challenger.
Running repairs to the tug, Southern Cross whom met a heavy swell off Lands End the previous day.
No, it is the new Nellie! - just about to pick up her 3m beam trawls from the old stone quay after her annual paint-up.

Sunday, 20 August 2006

It's Raft Race day!

The winning raft cruises to victory with a big grin from Ollie!
A close second place...
Here come the Newlyn Meadery Maids

First all-girl crew home - again - who will ever beat these veterans?
First maid ashore
And then a pirate assault on the Meadery Maids
Number four arrives
The blond wigs do nothing for these guys!

Team five almost there
Local pirate skipper on patrol
Four handed and exhausted!
Rambos galore!
PZ 10 at anchor after coming third.
Two whores are better than one!
Team shots
Cousin Jack gets a dunking!
A couple of posers!

Secon all girl crew home at last...... a wet welcome from the chaps!

Penlee lifeboat and the ILB stand by the remaining rafters
Time to stagger ashore with the raft
Two glamorous rafters

and here come the final rafts, neck and neck to the beach!

some swam for the shore
and then
over she goes!

A fun day for all the family and friends