Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Nova Spero lands over Spring tide

With last week's promised fine forecast becoming a reality, all hands on the 'Nova Spero' were able to enjoy fishing over the spring tide.
Waiting patiently for skipper Shaun to show.....

Down in the fishroom a mixed haul of Pollack, Blackjacks and Ling are about to hit the market.
View straight down the fishroom hatch to the waiting boxes, coming up four at a time.
Barry, with a safe pair of hands drags the boxes on to a waiting pallet truck....

While in the market hall the fish are sorted, graded, weighed and iced for the morning auction.

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Ocean Spary at dusk

As dusk falls the 'Ocean Spray' comes in alongside the iceworks.

Robin Turner chats with the crew aboard the 'Ocean Spray'.The shadowy figure of Ken Downing supervises the transfer of fuel. Most of Newlyn's harbour users are waiting for the day when Newlyn is able to supply basic services like fuel and ice 24/7, like all of its competitors.

Monday, 5 February 2007

No market this Saturday

The 'Nellie' is back home briefly from hitting the cuttles off the Devon coast.
Ex fishing vessel Saint Therese on the new quay.
The 'Intuition' on the slip for the removal of her shaft and prop.
All quiet in and around the harbour and market Saturday morning, with just the wind blowing through.