Friday, 22 September 2006

Carol H gets clean below the waterline!

The evening sun brings out colours aboard a beam trawler - it's why artists came down to join the Newlyn School all those years ago and still does!
Won't be long before these guys head off South for the winter.
The Carol H is on the slip for hull work below the waterline.
These days a pressure washer does in a couple of hours what used to take all the crew several tides and a lot of hard scrubbing with deck brushes!
That's port side done!

Thursday, 21 September 2006

First blow for the winter!

The 'Oceanide' (previuosly green hull) from Loctudy runs into Newlyn to join five other Breton boats who took shelter from Hurricane Gordon.
Passing the light through the gaps.The crew prepare the fenders before taking a berth.
The skipper made several attempts to bring the boat round into the wind which was blowing straight down the harbour.
Careful use of a fender enabled the skipper to push up against the strong winds.
Crew from the Guilvenec registered, 'Eridan' lent a hand to get into tier and tie up.The skipper (le patron) leaves the wheelhouse to check the ropes on the Newlyn beamer he has berthed alongside.The 'Eridan' and 'Conemarra' in tier.Last boat in from hurricane Gordon, the 'Ar-Zantez' steams in through the gaps.
Meanwhile, some of the yachts currently in Newlyn adjust their morrings on the new pontoons, their first real test in poor weather since their installation earlier this year.
Just as the sun went down and for a few moments Newlyn was treated to a late evening rainbow.

Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Lull before hurricane Gordon arrives

The Cornishman quietly enters the gaps on Tuesday evening having left Newlyn last Friday.
An elusive fisherman at work in the narbour - one of the local cormorants takes a dive!
Last netter to land this neap tide, the Sowenna.
Scotish scalloper Fredwood takes time to go through her dredges.
Local merchants attend the Wednesday morning auction.

Homeward bound, two punt fishermen make their way across the new pontoons at the end of a days fishing and catch up on the shore gossip.