Saturday, 9 December 2006

Light required!

No go! The Carol H, normally the first netter away, is still against the qauy. The forecast gives gales for Sunday, which on top of the swell running (see below) would be more than uncomfortable.
Shaun Edward's crew having put the grub aboard head off to the Mission and wait to see the forecast again. Back in the mission a number of skippers check the MagicSeaweed site - the swell animation for the week looks awful on Wednesday and Thursday!
In the deceptively calm conditions, Pru Esther makes her way in after an ealry morning shot at Cornish sardines. A close inspection of the horizon tells a different story - if the horizon, all of fifteen miles away appears as a wavy line imagine just how much 'sea' is running out there!
Take off - the gulls don't care!

Thursday, 7 December 2006

Blown back!

A stormy outlook for the day as the Anglian Princess rides anchor. The Kuzh Heol makes it back into Newlyn after spending 24 hours at sea.
The Eridan joins the Kristel Vihan(Little Kristel).

Terry, le patron of the Kristel Vihan and crew watch the Eridan manouvering in the storm force sou'westerly winds.
All three vessels eventually made it into tier.

Sunday, 3 December 2006

Sou'Westerly 60 knots!

Loctudy boats Eridan, Oceanide and Le Jusant sheltering for weather.
Kuzh Hedl, Kristel Vihan, Gwaien and the Santez Anna.As ever there is no respite for the crew so the trawl is up for mending - so the London cabbie has it tough eh? The boats in these picture have been working in gale-force winds all week - but 60 knots is too much even for them!

The Loctudy boats sport their crest with two langoustine flanking an anchor.
The skipper of Le Jusant gives the wheelhouse windows a scrub with the pressure washer.The ConchaMar vivier lorry decorated with spider crabs reverses down the quay to pick up crab from the local crabbers who worked through Saturday's weather.

Four crabbers and the last two gill-netters to make it home, Carol H and the Sowenna. Ex Sowenna skipper Mitch must be glad he can now take it easy on his new cat over in the Scillies!Taking brown crab aboard the ConchaMar vivier lorry.
Meanwhile, out in the bay its not just MCA Coastguard vessel Anglian Princess riding out the waves, two local Newlyn lads take advantage of a rare wave off Newlyn Green.
Even St Michael's Mount looks like its sitting in the middle of a cauldron.