Saturday, 10 March 2007

Spring in the air for the moment! take a break canoeing out of NewlynBritaniaV on her way to take ice, most of the netters are away this morning.
Seems the quay has been suffering lately!

Two strong eddies appear in the harbour gaps as the tide drops.
Back in tier before 9am with a shot of whiting to pick out of the net.
Trevessa IV goes through the gear before sailing.

Friday, 9 March 2007

Fleet away!

A rare sight this year - almost all the beamer fleet at sea! Thanks to the weather this has been the worst winter for weather in years, it's good to see the boats away at last.

What the Pride of Cornwall's been whiting for!

Under a grey morning sky Harvey's wagon picks up a landing from a visiting crabber.

17 dredges a side on the visiting scalloper Jacoba.

The Pride of Cornwall seems to have attracted the attention of the local gull population.

The gulls are not the only ones interested in the proceedings! Two local DEFRA fishery officers check the MLS of Stefan's mornings work - a shot of whiting!

A handful of sprats were mixed in with the whiting, almost enough for a feed.

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

After the blow, Eridan sails early.

Deckhands stow the fenders as the Eridan sails after sheltering in Newlyn for the night.The view from Penzance back towards Newlyn through spray on the promenade.

Monday, 5 March 2007

It's Monday evening, high winds, an hour to high water.

Emelia M Emiel moves away from the crowded fishmarket
The Trevessa IV leaves for her berth.The Intuition moves away from the market after putting her day's shellfish ashore.Brixham beamer, Angel Emiel has just finished landing to a waiting lorry - those fish won't be sitting on Newlyn's auction floor on Tuesday morning.
Along the promenade, yet another Sou'Easterly gale heaves spray across the road and passing traffic.