Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Many hands make light work

The 'Dom Bosco', two weks into her new life in Newlyn gets a helping hand from the crew of sister boat 'Cesca' to land her days haul of shellfish.

Many of the crew on these boats are Latvian or Polish.'Little Pearl', 'Pride of Cornwall' and the 'Pru Esther' land another catch of herring and Cornish sardines.
The sardines are tipped into plastic tubs with iced water and held in the market chill rooms inside the market within minutes of hitting the quay.
The crews from all three boats work together to see that this operation is carried out as quickly as possible to mainatin high standards of quality and maximum freshness.A few minutes later the same sardines are looking good on the griddle....So much so that Kevin is caught red-handed - seems the Cornish sardine is irresistible!

Sunday, 5 November 2006

Top tide - top weather!

Guy Fawkes day and not a cloud in the sky or a breath of wind!
Over in Penzance wet dock the Ocean Warden takes advantage of the glorious weather - a good drying day for washing and painting it seems!
At high water the causeway alongside PZ Dry Dock basin has become submerged - who says 4x4s aren't useful?!
Back in Newlyn and down the 'Stone Quay' - what remains of the quarry railway track - here's the miniature turntable for the stone wagons.
And a mystery, what happened here, there are two seperate rail tracks?
At the end of a trip PZ542 the Filadelfia makes her way in through the gaps for the Monday morning market.
On her way in, Girl Pamela PZ6 disturbs the glass-like harbour.
Meanwhile, over in Penzance the local kids' dingy club virtually becalmed at the end of a day's racing paddle their way home.