Saturday, 16 June 2007

Top London chef sources Newlyn fish!

Top London chef Tom Aiken begins his day in Newlyn mission meeting some of the fishermen he hopes will soon be supplying his new venture, a fish and chip shop with a difference - serving the freshest seasonal UK fish imaginable! We have Keith Floyd to thank for showing a real interest in fish back in the early Seventies; let's hope Tom inspires other top chef's around the country to source Cornish fish.A hectic schedule touring the port keeps Tom and his wife (of three days!) Amber, busy during their 'honeymoon'!
Prime fish examples of local produce thanks to Jake on the Go For It.
Meanwhile the Bryan D continues to shrink down to the waterline.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Off comes the stem...

The stem has now been taken down to the waterlineMount's Bay Engineering's Terry doesn't just do cutting apart - one landrover being prepared for the annual MOT gets some tlc on the engine bulkhead.
Some serious deck work aboard this inshore trawler.

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Terry the torch is at it again!

Check out the latest exhibition in Badcock's Art gallery in Newlyn.
Ex MFV Gratitude and friends.Torch man Terry works on the bow of the Bryan D.Off comes the whaleback!Jeremy and Mr Morley aboard the Danmar make a quick landing on Sunday morning before heading back to the 'Pits'.
Mr Morley washes some boxes the hard way!