Saturday, 18 August 2007

Overcast it is!

Francis lands the week's haul of brown crab to Harvey's.

Terry is hard at work cutting the funnel off the EAW in front of Stevenson's office.Meanwhile, birthday boy Clive is on for the craich it seems!

'Bish' from St Ives is the proud owner of these wellies.
Rowse Fishing Ltd calls for more frozen bait.....
....duly hand-balled from the back of the waiting truck.

The Carol H makes her way to take on gear and ice for the next tide.......and youngest crew member Nathan jumps ashore to take a rope.
Mysterious goings on with blocks of ice in the harbour connected to the Silver Dawn... she makes her way to the icing berth.
Bill Laken aboard the Cornishman is yellow wellies in stitching new cod-ends to the trawls.

Friday, 17 August 2007

Tuna here we come!

Stepping out for a new venture, skipper of the Nova Spero, Shaun Edwards is about to sail South on his maiden tuna voyage...
Perhaps not his best side, Baz supervises taking on fuel oil....
The Nova Spero sporting her brand new tuna poles fitted out at Tom's of Polruan.
The intent made clear in the form of a graphic on the side of the boat - you can follow the activities of all the boats involved on a daily basis by visiting the Cornish Tuna website and Quentin's blog.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

A guessing game!

Which boat?
The Chickadee is out of the water for a paint-up.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Swan convention hits town!

Some slight damage to the Ben Loyal's starboard tuna pole need sorting.
Two sets of electric jigs grace the quarters.Who would believe over 100 yachts have pulled out of this yar's Fastnet race looking at this?!
Numbers are increasing for the annual swan convention down in the harbour.

Passionate about fishmongering!

Today, the 'Passionate about Fish' team are running the fishmongering course. Call Sarah for more details.These yellow wellies do the talking..
HG Wells lives on, one of his most famous character now works on the market it seems!
The Cornishman is about to move to a quay berth.....
out go two bow ropes.....
as the Cornish Lass plays tugboat.Recording data yellow wellies.
New exhibition at Badcock's Gallery, Mick Tracey and Tony Snowden in a show titled 'Tales of the Unexpected'.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Are you Passionate about Fish?

Ahead of tonight's forecast gale, Newlyn's market is bustling with boats and there are more netters due.
Crabber Pen Glas lands to the vivier wagon.
Not normally fashion conscious our Falmouth fishermen - but here, matching van and boots - too cool!
Porbeagles figured on the market from the netters this Monday morning.
Along with the less common Parrot Fish.Before starting their fish filleting training these students were given a guided tour of the market. Andrew Pascoe, (line caught bass boat 3 the Cynthia) shows off the finer points of his weekend's catch.

The Ajax's porbeagle collection waiting for the auctioneer to turn up.
More bass, this time stone bass from the Gary M - Timmy Boyle's crew also spotted a swordfish this trip!
New! fish filleting course starts - before their day's training commences proper, the filleting students get a session on hygiene and preparation down at the Cornwall Fisheries Resource Centre - here, star trainer and 8 times Fishmonger of the Year award, Duncan Lucas from 'Passionate about Fish' demonstrates the recommended way to sharpen on a steel.Now its down to the real thing - here a mackerel gets the treatment - despite Duncan's comment that the fish were, 'almost too fresh'!
How to skin a Pollack fillet - safely.
CFRC's Sarah Henshall, having organised what is hoped to be the first of ongoing training sessions also opted to take part in the course herself! Big thanks for local fish merchant
Robin Turner for hosting the event and providing the fish, which included line caught pollack, bass, ring net sardines, megrim (Torbay) and lemon soles - all from under 10m boats.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

On Newlyn Green

Gill- Netters, Girl Patrica and Ajax are back from this neap tide's trip to land on Monday's market - reports of slack fishing for the tide.Over on Newlyn Green fun for all the family is about to begin as a heat for the South West's regional street entertainers competition gets under way - bar and stage a sure draw in this part of the world!
....view of the 'big top' from the bar.......just as the first act gets on stage.

Pirates of Penzance

Nonchalant yellow wellies
7.30 am - someone had a good night!
Pirates Chris & Jeremy sail off to plunder the Pits in the Bay.
Varnish always looks good.