Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Nova Spero - the legend that is 'Wordsy'!

Alongside the fishmarket, on an an otherwise quiet night, the peaceful scene disturbed with a flurry of activity which the camera barely captures, but who is responsible?The vessel concerned, a gill-netter, is in for a landing half way through the tide.Under the shelterdeck the camera struggles to capture a constantly moving figure....
Then, pausing just long enough, a familiar face is captured on film!

CV - From school, crewed with 'Janner' for a few years on the 'Boy Gary', then joint owner of the 'Galleach Millich' with good friend Shane Liddicoat' (now skipper of the 'Terrifier', CSF protection vessel), then skipper/owner of the 'Bonny Mary' (KimBill), then 'Crimond II' and now the 'Nova Spero' - one Shaun Edwards, better known as 'Wordsy'.

Meanwhile, as Wordsy washes down the market floor - Carla's Dad looks on....In the presence her Dad's legendary skipper, it seems she can only look on in awe and hang on his every word!Carla proudly takes the opportunity to show off one of the catch!

Minutes later the 'Ivan Ellen' is off on a shout.

Monday, 29 January 2007

Just another Monday

The crabber, 'Intution' kept the local fire service busy this morning, however by the time they arrived the engineers had dealt with a small fire . The 'Intution' is undergoing a major refit.The cause? The exhaust being removed and the lining caught fire.
Out with the old, the Caterpillar main engine and the entire propulsion system is being replaced.
Camel Fish's vivier lorry reverses back to the fish market to pick up the day's haul from the local crabber, 'Cresca'.
Meanwhile, a camera crew catch some early evening action..... in W Stevenson's offices as part of a new series for the Discovery Channel.

Reperations continue in port

The 'Algrie' took a heavy sea which resulted in a wheelhouse window being stoved in during last Wednesday's Force 11 winds.
Someone's landed in France recently!
Seems Bob the Builder has landed new job as lookout on Stevenson's 'Cornishman'!

Both the 'Cornishman' and the 'St Georges' are undergoing substantial maintenance work at the moment.
The 'ABS', originally a sidewinder but long since converted to beam trawling is also undergoing major reconstructive surgery. The presence of top crab man Mr Rouse on the job is leading to speculation that we may be witnessing the ports first 'supercrabber' in the making! During her stay in the berth the 'ABS' has been eroding the edge of the quay it seems.
"Any ol' iron", some parts of the New Quay resemble the local scrapyard!