Friday, 20 April 2007

In for the kill

The Trewarventh - framed by the jaws of destruction.
As high water approaches, her fishroom now fills with water.

Two excavators wait for low water before they will begin the breaking process.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Up and over the spring tide

Skipper Sahun Edwards and crew watch another load of boxes on their way to the back of waiting transport aboard the Nova Spero.
St Ives registered Crystal Sea against the quay sporting new anodes.
Astern of the breaking Trewarveneth, Grimmy Mike heads off back to tier after landing
Crabbers, netters and an inshore trawler at the fish market.

The Trewarveneth has now moved to her final berth at the foot of the slip known as the 'canners slip' (after Conrwall Canners that used to be in the building opposite - they canned Pilchards for Shiphams). She will now be broken up with a JCB.