Friday, 29 September 2006

All the colours of the....

Sammy the resident seal cruises into the harbour for the weekend.
A quiet spot down the quay.
As soon as the Sampson hits the quay up ges the gear for repair.
An unusual rainbow graced Penzance town for half an hour.

Thursday, 28 September 2006

Cormarants, kids, coming and going and art!

Under the command of one Don Liddicoat, the Algrie leaves for another trip.

A dashing figure leans against the rail atop the aft shelterdeck, Willy Tossel ponders life aboard the Algrie and his next week at sea.As the Algrie leaves she passes the Billy Rooney at the end of her trip.The Billy Rooney is one of the biggest vessels in Stevenson's fleet.Elsewhere in the harbour, fish are being caught by rod and line over the back of the quay, at just six years young D'arcy has just landed a 'Pillock' as she calls them!Badcock's Gallery are holding another showing - there is vibrant creative activity in and around Newlyn these days with 2 & 3D work on show. Yet another poser down the quay, one of the local cormorants takes the time to bask in the late evening sun.

Tuesday, 26 September 2006

PZ100 Elizabeth N lands again.

Under the watchful eyes of skipper Shane Liddicoat, the Cornwall Sea Fisheries Protection vessel, Saint Piran eases her way into the harbour.
'Arnie' heaves boxes of soles from the depths of the Elizabeth N's fishroom.Stevo's lorry takes care of the catch.
While dad uses the whipping drum to haul the catch from below, the kids look on from the quay - glad to have dad back home again from another trip.
It's that time of night when the Cornish sardine fleet leave for the evenings hunt, 'Prue Esther', 'Little Pearl' and Jake's 'Go For It' head out to join the 'Pride of Cornwall' in the Bay.

Another neap, another trip....

Time the clock tower and weather vane on the Mission gets a refit.
A crucial job on any boat is keeping sheaves and rollers well greased - on a beamer this involves dropping the derricks at high water on to the quay.
Gill netter, Girl Patricia takes ice at the start of another neap tide - all hands know that midweek another strong blow will rip through the Western Approaches - the downside of acccurate forecasting - you know what you are going to get!