Saturday, 21 July 2007

St Mary's lifeboat engineer returned to the islands.

Penlee lifeboat, Ivan Ellen and the IRB escorted St Mary's Olive Elsie Whitehead as far as the Runnelstone buoy off Lands End this morning as a mark of respect for Nathan Woodcock who sadly died recently, engineer aboard the St Mary's boat.Regular visitor, Marie Jacob heads for the grounds.An opportunity beckons for someone aboard the Ocean Spray.
To support the RNMDSF's latest fundraising scheme we celebrate the proliferation of 'yellow wellies' evident around the harbour early this morning.........

.....up the steps in yellow...........get your ice in yellow...........and last, but not least, a pair of yellow wellies!

Friday, 20 July 2007

End of the 'Bryan D'

An additional hand this week on the job.....
Mav guides the final hull section on to the lorry flat bed....out comes the lash down four tons of steel hull plate.......which is then winched aboard the waiting lorry.

round at the Tolcarne Inn, fresh Newlyn crab is on the menu.

Summer's back!

The Anneliese in silhouette heads for the gaps...
...with a man on the bow ready with the shore rope.
Roger sits and contemplates life as a trawlerman faced with a bit o' mending on the footrope it seems.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

A master at work....

Crabber Cresca gets a tow back in tier from the Trewidden with harbourmaster Andrew Munson at the helm....
single handed it seems....job done, Andrew and Royden head back up the harbour.
On the new quay, brand new pots wait to join the fleet
thumbs up from the the Aphros from Great Yarmouth makes her way in.With the new art gallery developments perhaps someone can explain this monolith the Wherry Town car park by Penzance Promenade - is it art or a concrete fitment left over from the sewage treatment development?

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Warp arrives from Holland, courtesy of German driver.

Huge scalloper lands catch by the pallet load.
Urk registered Jacoba lands her trip of scallops to waiting transport on the quay.
A mixed trip of gill and tangle fish (hake and turbot) for the Carol H.
Courtesy of a Dutch transport company and German driver, warp arrives for the beamer fleet.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Penlee lifeboat, Ivan Ellen escorts Scillonian into Penzance harbour.

Frozen bait waits on the quay for the crabber, Intuition.
Ex-fishing boat, converted to sailboat registered in Brixham.
Ollie Hilditch strikes it lucky and pulls in a small pollack from the back of the North Quay at high water.
The Scillonian is escorted into Penzance harbour by the Penlee lifeboat Ivan llen.
Summer is here, again, and so are the big scallopers.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Newlyn fish and fishing on canvas, on cans via Brittany

Latest off the production line from Newlyn's Pilchard Works, tinned line-caught mackerel in a lemon and basil marinade. As before, the pacjkaing is decorated with a classic Newlyn School painting. Unlike the tinned sardines, these mackerel are packed in a small card box - the first batch (see above) will be collectors items as the artist is not credited as with the tins (see below).
Cornish sardines in a rich tomato sauce.......'Eyes and no eyes' by Frank Bramley.
Cornish sardines in extra virgin olive oil.......'Newlyn 1902' by Walter Bramley.
and smoked Cornish sardines.....The greeting' by Walter Langley
to order, call 01736 332112 or email
....and, don't forget to get your pair of 'yellawellies' to support the mission!!