Saturday, 30 June 2007

"current situation cannot be ignored" need for change plea from local fishermen

Ten well known local fishermen have publicised their feelings towards the ongoing management of Newlyn Harbour in a letter to the local weekly newspaper, 'The Cornishman'.

"The current situation cannot be ignored,
Newlyn is poorly managed in comparison to other fishing ports in the South West and throughout the UK. This is illustrated by an increasing number of vessels landing their catches away from the Newlyn.

There is no market management to speak of, vessels movements and berthing appear haphazard and not solely dependent on the vessels' requirements, and the ongoing regeneration is surrounded by rumour and hearsay, not fact. Ultimately, it is the harbour
commissioners who are responsible for this situation, but the Newlyn
Fisheries Project Officer has not helped the situation with poor communication that has at times, contributed to the problems rather than attempting to move the situation forward.

That said, we do have to acknowledge some good things that the
Commissioners have done recently. The new pontoons, landing davits and fridges on the market have been examples of attempts by the Commissioners to improve things for the fishing industry, but without improved management the overall benefits have not been what they might have. Despite perceptions, we believe there is a bright future for the fishing industry in Newlyn. However, this will require improvements in infrastructure (i.e. new market) and a new management regime that reflects the the fishing industry's needs. Where fishing ports are being run successfully there are generally independent organisations running the markets and other facilities for the benefit
of the port concerned.

A future for the fishing industry is a future for
Newlyn, as the two are inextricably linked, with the wider community benefits flowing from a buoyant fishing industry in Newlyn. It is time for the Commissioners to take this forward and pull Newlyn Harbour through this situation. Whether they feel able or competent to do so themselves, or whether they need to step aside and allow a more skilled team to guide Newlyn through this transition, is a matter for them to consider. They must remember that the future of Newlyn is at stake and make the right decision. There is no reason why Newlyn
should not once again be England's premier port, but change must happen and it must happen now"

As if to re-inforce the point, this Saturday saw only two boats land in Newlyn (four other beamers were due) and both consigned their fish to Plymouth fish market by lorry - see pictures above. The future of the port needs all those concerned to talk this through - pretending there isn't a problem will not serve any groups interests for future generations to come.
Skipper Shaun Edwards (above) wrote to the local paper recently expressing his concern for the future - his fish were landed to a waiting bound for Plymouth Fish Market.'No smoking in the workplace' - that's one way round the new rules! Happy in his work and enjoying a smoke aboard the Sapphire. St George's beam in preparation for the end of her massive refit. Gear time on the Cornishman. Some of Stevo's shore staff getting some practice in for this year's Fish Festival box pushing race. Great smile Zac!, crew on the Nova Spero.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

!0 stone kits - remember them?

The Crystal Sea after landing - she will soon be sailing away to new home. Her replacement will be the first large steel trawler to come to Newlyn since the Dumnonia back in the 1980s.
Here's one use for an old 10st kit - for those not familiar with the Imperial weights : 16 ounces= 1 pound, 14 pounds(lb) = one stone, 8 stone(st) = one hundredweight(cwt), 20 hundredweights = one ton. One kilo = 2.2 pounds, one stone = 6.4 kilos.

Fish like dogs, ling, pollack, coley and ray or skate were put in kits on the market.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Steady she goes!

Brixham beamer Our Zoe Ann pumps her fishroom out after landing...
Even ashore the fish get hands on attention from the crew it seems!

Monday, 25 June 2007

This Monday market's high quality fish

"King of the Sea" as chef Keith Floyd would say! - line caught bass from the Richard Tomlinson's Blithe SpiritThe Northumbrian Valhalla put ashore a fine trip including these John Dory

Valhalla alongside the fish market
Buyers gather round Girl Patricia's quality run of hakeA box of 4-6kg hake from the Girl Patricia's trip

Sunday, 24 June 2007

It's Quay Day at Golowan

You see a lot of flags around the town during Golwan, a patriotic display outside the Tony Sanders Gallery in historic Chapel Street...
.......visitors from far and wide!
Over in Newlyn the IRB gets a wetting.
It seems the Farmer's Arms in Penzance had breakfast covered on Sunday !
For Sale, one ex-Portuguese classic inshore fishing boat recently sailed by top local mackerel fisherman Dick Edes back from Spain. Contact 01736 332112 or
For more information email
More and more pleasure craft are making use of Newlyn and the new marina style pontoon berths - another motor yacht leaves the harbour.
The pontoons are also proving a hit with the local anglers - mullet are the target species at the moment and here is a decent specimen being weighed.
Look twice - it's a model!
Ex-fisherman Bobby Sowden shows off his stunning model of local beamtrawler, PZ166 Sapphire owned and skippered by Miachael Corin at the boating pool as part of Golwan Festival's Quay Day celebrations.