Sunday, 11 April 2010

Lands End of the line

What better place to enjoy the going down of the sun than the end of the land within sight of the Longhships lighthouse and a local punt fishing for bass just inside the Kettle's Bottom.......
that is unless, when arriving at the restaurant you find there is no food for non-residents - not even a packet of nuts - the look on the Italian visitors' faces was nothing short of incredulous, "zis is ze ristorante?" as they tucked into the only food available, a packet of Golden Wonder crisps - one drink and off and nil points for the Land's End Hotel - apparently they were very short staffed - bet they were all down the beach enjoying what feels like the first proper bout of sunshine for the year! - lets hope they are sorted for when the season proper gets underway!

Good luck with the flying lessons Kai.


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