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BBC Cornwall News

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Research, Quality, Food Safety
Training, Regeneration, Grants & Funding
Seafood Cornwal
UK Harbour Forecasts Health & Safety
PESCA [Objective 1 funding programme for Cornwall}
Lands End Weather Seafood Scotland
PNP [The Marine Technical Team for Mounts Bay]
Fish Trades & Information
  EU Fishing Directorate Newlyn Fish Industry Forum
BIM       (Irish Sea Fisheries Board) FAO Cornwall - Objective One
CFPO   (Cornwall Fish Producers Organisation)
Food Standards Agency Local Government Statistics
The Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science Fisheries Research Services Sea Vision
Northen Ireland Seafood
Heritage & Maritime Festivals
Intrafish Brest 2004 Festival
Fishing Industry Year Book Coastweb portal Pilchard Works & Museum
QIM (Quality Index Mark)
Maritime Safety & Marine Qualifications
Merchant Navy Training Board
Navigation Oral Exam Prctice
Local Government Stats
History of Hull
National Federation of Fishermen's Organisations UK  UK Shipwrecks National Maritime Museum Greenwich
 Support Organisations
South West Harbours
SFO Dept of Environment Transport Regions
(Trust Port Information & Regulations)
  Falmouth Harbour  
Local Sites
Mevagissey Harbour
Art Image & Media Galleries
Fowey Harbour By-Water Productions
Looe Harbour
Andrew George (Local MP Lib)
Padstow Harbour

Website for visitors to Cornwall (

Brixham Harbour
  Teignmouth Harbour Helen-Feiler Gallery
  Dartmouth Harbour Contour Gallery
Local Accommodation  
Paint away-days - painting
Gwellenys   Image Gallery W Stevenson & Sons   Dutch Marine Photo Journalism
UK & European Fishing Ports
Grimsby Newry Bateaux de Peche des Cote de France


Peterhead blog

Banff Killybegs  
Industry related | auctions | legal | surveyors | research | boatbuilders | electronics |
Environment Research General
English Nature Coasts & Seas Trawl seabed research Fishing Jobs - Global
UK MarineSpecial Areas for Conservation Homestead GorlTrawl The Irish Skipper
Pacific Environment Forum Bering Sea Forum The Quay
Australian Ocean Environment Notus BlueCon
International Earth Society NWSFC Ramsgate Lifeboat
Animal Freedom


Boyd Line Shipping
EuroCBC Excelsior Trust Dutch Fishing Industry
NFRDA Marine School Mass (USA)  
PANDA Organisation (WWF) Gent Sea Fisherries (Research Dept) Charter and Hire
Benefit Organisation   Boat charter
Fishing web sites Electronics


Cornish Tuna    
MFV Budding Rose Marconi Marine Visser Den Helder
Arctic Corsair

Seatronics Group

Jacinta GPS Navigation Marine Offshore Disposals
Model Trawlers   Berwick Shipyard
Amity II (Trawlermen)    
FVNorthWestern (USA)    
UK Trawler photos    
Fishing Industry Yearbook    

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